So I know in my last blog I said my next few posts would be about life in college but I want to talk about my current life right now.

So living at home with my parents comes with some extra “responsibilities” and some extra consequences. One of these “responsibilities” being going to church on Sundays. I have 3 choices, going with my dad at 8am, its shorter and has more music, next with my brother and his friends at 10:30am… AWKWARD and the third choice with my mom at 11am, longer and much much more boring. Anyways that is off topic, so I was out late last night prompting me to go to church with my mom. On the way out the pastor was asking me about work and I told him I am looking and yada yada. He’s a carpenter by the way, he tells me how he’s doing a job on a fence tomorrow and would hire me for a day or two. So I’m like sure why not!

On the way out of church my mom says now you can’t tell me that God didn’t plan that (we had a previous talk about how God has plans like these). Well later in the night he calls and his father past away and so we aren’t doing the job anymore.


Just wanted to point that out! OH! And for two nights I went out and got home around 3:30 /4am. My dad is now mad at me. Back in high school!

On a better note I’ve been enjoying hanging out with a new boy!!! 🙂


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