Back to the Basics

So after my last blog which was poorly written and strayed from where I wanted to go with this blog I’m going to write about what I said I was going to write about, life in college.

I’m not really sure where to start, going into college I didn’t really think it would be as life changing as it was. I mean all you know about college is really is what you see in movies and TV, maybe what you’ve heard from siblings or from visiting. I visited campuses but not with friends or siblings to experience the “college experience” and neither my brother nor sister really told me much about it.

So what did I have to go off of what college would be like? Not much clearly. TV and movies are very VERY poor representations of college. Freshmen year was interesting…. I wasn’t out. But I made friends with someone who did come out, later I would learn my own roommate was gay as well.Everyone I met was very open and cool. I made some of my best friends then that I kept throughout college, granted some left and some came. I was never a partier so here was my chance to go buckwild! I experimented a lot that first year at college, boys and drugs. I went to my first year as a close minded, ignorant, probably slightly racist, not cultured, conservative and who knows what else. That first year  definitely changed who I was and opened me up to so much more, I can’t even describe how much in words. And it just increased 10 fold every year.

Completely random but this is the same year that I decided to grow my hair long, I had short hair my entire life and never had tried anything else so I decided to go long! I think Eugene tried to turn me into a bit of a hippie. Now it wasn’t THAT long, like 4 inches maybe but thats a big difference when your hair has always been less than 1 inch.  I wonder if the change inside of me inspired a change on the inside?

I think this is a good introduction into my college experience.


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