Screw the purpose

This is the 2nd or 3rd post I will be completely diverting from the original purpose of this blog so therefore screw the original purpose of this blog, I may return to the topics I listed before and I may not. Right now I just really need to get shit off my chest or I might explode. For warned its 4am and I’m a little drunk right now (sounds likes that one country song haha). So I hang out with Trevor tonight, his friend Megan comes over (so far not impressed/ a little intimidated), we drink a bit. Then we decide to go to a University if Portland party. We also end up picking up her friend Lillie. There are 2 parties in the mix, 1 of Trevor’s homo friend and 1 of Trevor’s friend Megan’s friend. We end up stopping by the friend’s friend and then go to the homos friend. First of all the last girl I had a “relationship” with was there. AWKWARD. Anyways we get drunk there have some fun, hang with the homo couple. Then we decide to go back to the other party which the homo couple also know people at. Right out front of that party the friend 0f the friend Lillie is out front crying and it looks like people are pissed. So I take her aside and talk to her and see what up. She says that Megan stole a phone and put it in her purse. Some bitch comes by and tells us we should leave and she’s calling us a cab to leave. Yada yada I tell her to fuck off we don’t need a cab we are waiting on some friends, she gives us some schpeal  about neighbors and shit. I decide I’m going to take her home to avoid anymore shit, Trevor concurs and basically asks me to take her home. Then someone else takes responsibility of her, by the way shes wasted by this point, and Trevor tells me to park and hang out cause she’s taken care of. I’m annoyed and pissed off by this point because Trevor told me to “fuck off” and pushed me. So I walked away which is when he asked me to give her a ride to which I waited and she ended up not needing it. Then 5 minutes later I see her in another fight and bitches telling this Lillie girl to leave. So I just say lets go Lillie. I forgot I moved my car to pick her up the first time and get lost, find it eventually. Trevor ends up deciding he wants to leave so I give him a ride too, we get lost in NE Portland for at least 30 minutes and then have to go back to pick up his friend Megan with no gratitude or anything. I’m steaming at this point plus I’m extremely late per my parents new “car” curfew. Also during this car ride Trevor pushes my face and tells me to “shut the fuck up” about the girl Lillie in the back seat. She did keep calling me Quentin…. We finally picked the friend up and finally found our way home. I’m still very irritated and annoyed by all of this. 1. Unnecessary drama, 2. I’m 22 almost 23 I should have no drama, 3. Don’t ever tell me to fuck off or push me and tell me to shut the fuck up especially when it’s completely uncalled for. I let it off kind of easy at the end and wish I had held my ground but I do think I let it known I was PISSED. I’m still pretty pissed and annoyed. IDK what to say or do, he acknowledged it at one point and then seems like he completely forgot. I don’t want to be a winer or complainer or a little bitch but I feel super degraded and belittled and offended. Uhhg I just needed to get this off my chest, I don’t even think I told the story well or made it comprehendible plus I left out some details but I just can’t handle it right now so I’m done, I’m angry.


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