What’s with the games?

So again, haven’t heard from Trevor since the no reply to my reply to his text message. And now he is messaging me on Gmail chat. Why? Why after basically a week of not talking and 2 weeks of not hanging out do you message me? And then why is like pulling teeth to make … Continue reading

On Another Note

Why can certain things annoy you so much? This is a rhetorical question. Lately I’ve been noticing things that just bother me so bad, bother me to my core and they are the dumbest things. I can just get so annoyed, mainly just things at home. Like why does my brother put sooo much stuff into laundry? … Continue reading


First off I want to apologize for the drunkenness of the last post, I was very drunk and angry. I had to get my feelings out somehow at 3am right? Anyways so I’ve been thinking about what to put into this post and I think I’ve got it. How are you supposed to differentiate feelings? How do you know … Continue reading